Who are we?

The professional heads of property and asset management services in local authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Senior professional roles in other public sector organisations including the Valuation Office Agency, Health Sector, Fire and Police authorities and central and devolved government offices

Senior surveyors working in the private sector who predominantly provide professional services to their public sector clients

ACES represents around 260 public sector bodies and has approximately 350 participating full members. Retired and Honorary members also play an active role in ACES. Management of ACES is undertaken at the national level, through ACES Council, which is made up of elected and nominated officers.

Meet the Team

We work closely with partners including the Government Property Function, RICS, NHSE/I., ADASS, CIPFA, SPACES etc.

The principal objectives of ACES are:

  • To influence the formulation of regulation, policies and strategies governing the use of public sector property assets
  • To promote opportunities and best practice in the effective use and management of assets in order to support organisational priorities of the public sector
  • To equip our members in their work by supporting and encouraging them in the continual development of their personal and professional effectiveness
  • To seek representation from every local authority and public sector body

There are nine ACES branches to cover the whole of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales plus a Rural Branch.

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How to join

Membership of ACES is open to senior professionals. There is no bar on the number of members any organisation may have. While city, district and rural authorities typically have one ACES member, larger organisations such as the metropolitan and London authorities often have 2 or 3 members.

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