Who can join?

Membership of ACES is open to chartered surveyors and other senior professionals in public sector organisations dealing with the property assets of the organisation.

Benefits of joining ACES

  • Shared knowledge and experience
  • Facilitates networking opportunities
  • Influence government policy formulation
  • Access to specialist publications
  • Opportunity to attend events
  • Advertise and find jobs

Click “Apply online” or scroll down to the application form below and complete all the required fields. Click on “Apply” when the button turns green and the form will be sent to the ACES Secretary.

The current annual membership subscription rates are exceptionally good value for money and cover management of the association, the ACES website with all its information sharing opportunities, the excellent ACES Terrier journal and subsidised and free national events. The ACES branches offer a range of benefits with meetings and other events throughout the year providing valuable learning and training opportunities and, of course, CPD hours.

The current membership rates are shown below by clicking on the headings and they are also calculated on completing the application form. VAT is not payable.

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