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Responses to the proposed Right to Regenerate

How did council planners and surveyors respond to MHCLG proposals to reform the Right to Contest, in consultation that closed on 20 March? And what do those proposals mean for developers and community groups?

The Government aims to address blight and boost housing supply through a strengthened Right to Regenerate, making it easier for the public to direct public landowners to sell longstanding vacant, derelict or underutilised land that is unattractive and/or a focus for anti-social behaviour. Possible changes include:

  • a presumption in favour of disposal
  • encouraging meanwhile uses, by ordering sales if temporary uses can’ be identified
  • extending the right to town and parish council land
  • introducing a “right of first refusal” to give local groups time to prepare a bid


There is a strong case for reform: since 2014, just one of the 192 submitted requests has been granted, while 145 were refused, 10 withdrawn, 27 invalid and nine are pending. But are these the right reforms?

This webinar will ask:

  • Will the Right to Regenerate enable more land to deliver more homes?
  • Is the Right to Regenerate a valuable tool for collaboration or a threat to strategic plans?
  • How does the Right to Regenerate fit into the Government’s agenda for planning and growth?

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Date start:

27th April 2021 @ 11:00

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27th April 2021 @ 12:00



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