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Public Rental Homes - Fresh Perspectives

Members note: ACES were consulted and contributed to the paper being launched at this event, and it was masterminded by our Fellow, Jackie Sadek.


Aims & objectives 

This event launch is being jointly held by Localis and the Housing & Finance Institute regarding our latest work. It will explore and debate the content of the pamphlet, which sets out a fresh way councils and developers can work together to provide homes to suit needs and pockets of those on waiting lists.

Background and context

Few of the ‘new affordable’ homes being created today can be afforded by those 1.2 million households on council waiting lists. Most of those waiting to be accommodated can afford little more than half the local open market rent. Back in the early 1990’s around 50,000 homes a year were built and let at what is now defined as ‘social rents.’ Broadly the same number of ‘affordable’ homes are being built today: but no more than 6,000 are in the lowest ‘social rent’ category.

Localis and the Housing Finance Institute have developed a fresh approach that will allow local authorities to provide homes which match the needs – and are within their means – of those on waiting lists. Using site-by-site appraisals that flip the present private sector appraisal approach, which asks, ‘what percentage of affordable homes can we afford to provide? As instead: ‘what percentage of private homes must be provided in order to produce the size and type of Public Rental Homes those on our waiting lists can afford?

Panel line up:

  • Sir Steve Bullock – chairman
  • Peter Bill and Jackie Sadek – report authors
  • David Simmonds CBE MP, chair APPG for housing
  • Eamon McGoldrick, managing director, National Federation of ALMOs



(Note that this is now a hybrid event and the registration includes a Zoom link)

Key Details


Date start:

20th February 2023 @ 10:30

Date end:

20th February 2023 @ 12:00



Tickets available:






The Council Room
One Great George St

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