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Government Property 23

Government Property 2023 is the 23rd Government Property conference, the latest in an unbroken series going back twenty years. The 2023 conference will once again bring together property professionals from across Government and the wider public sector and will: showcase best practice; help in the exchange of ideas; and promote discussion and debate on the opportunities and challenges for the property professional as the country moves on from the pandemic and the work of levelling up and improving sustainability begins in earnest. Attracting more than 300 high level delegates from across all parts of the public sector, Government Property 2023 will examine the key trends affecting the property industry now and over the next few years, and discuss how the eight year Government Property Strategy, launched at our Manchester conference Government Property in 2030 in September 2022 will aid the public estate to continue evolving to meet the challenges it will undoubtedly face.

Following the plenary session the day will continue with a series of informative 40 minute-long work sessions, each of which will provide an opportunity to dig into different areas, themes and types of estate, and explore how delegates and their organisations can respond to these challenges and opportunities. These sessions will be led by a mix of public and private sector presenters and will, as always, encourage debate and discussion.

The exhibition will give public sector delegates the opportunity to engage with experienced solution providers from public and private sectors, while networking and reconnecting with public sector peers.

We look forward to welcoming friends old and new.


Key Details


Date start:

8th February 2023 @ 9:30

Date end:

8th February 2023 @ 16:30



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Public Sector Connect



QEII Centre

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