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Woodland Partnership for Local Authorities

Woodland creation is an invaluable nature-based tool to address the climate and nature crises. As public organisations, planting the right tree in the right place can help us meet our common commitment to tackling these challenges whilst unlocking a wide range of additional benefits.  The Forestry England Woodland Partnership is an exciting opportunity supporting local authorities to deliver woodland creation and meet ambitions for action on climate change, nature, and the provision of accessible green space for all.

Through the Forestry England Woodland Partnership, we can work with local authorities to negotiate a lease on suitable sites of at least 20 hectares for a minimum of 60 years. You may already have land within your asset portfolio, or you might consider acquiring land specifically to enter a partnership with us. This webinar will be hosted by Forestry England’s Woodland Creation Team who will share information about the Woodland Partnership and how we can support your local authority, with opportunity for a Q&A at the end.

A more detailed overview of the Forestry England Woodland Partnership for local authorities is provided in this brochure, available to download from our website.



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8th June 2023 @ 14:00

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8th June 2023 @ 15:30



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