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Outdoor Markets

a) Are rental charges made and if so are these made on the site operator or the individual stalls?

b) Are formal leases or licences in operation?

c) Rating  – Scottish Assessors Association PN gives guidance as to that aspect but how does this operate in practice? R2017 Valuation of Outdoor Markets (saa.gov.uk) but views from outwith Scotland also welcome

Any comments gratefully received. Thanks to those from the Scottish Valuation sub-group who have already responded.





David, I have recently formalised a weekly market in Petersfield on East Hampshire District Council land, England.  This Council uses a market operator agreement.   The process is initiated by an Invitation to Tender, and replies are scored based on a number of criteria important to the locality.  The operators must pay a fee and also offer a bid.  This is the preferred contractual arrangement for this council, but I have used licences elsewhere.  Best, Michele

Author: Michele Brand

Posted: 2021-06-30 15:26:48

Thanks was glad to be able to send through info for IBC

Author: jacqueline.clark@ipserv.co.uk

Posted: 2021-06-24 15:11:56

Author: David Mitchell

Posted: 16th June 2021

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