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The Terrier 2017 Spring Edition Now Available.

14th Apr 2017

The latest copy of the ACES magazine, The Terrier 2017 Spring Edition, is now available on the website publications page for members.

60 Not Out - A Compilation Of All The Suffolk Scribblers Articles

12th Apr 2017 Download Now

60 Not Out - publication of all the Suffolk Scribblers articles

Following the publication of 60 pieces by the Suffolk Scribbler in the ACES Terrier magazine (totalling over 105,000 words), a project to combine all the published Suffolk Scribblers in a commemorative booklet has been completed.

The project was proposed jointly by William Marshall (a humble nobody from Suffolk) and the current Editor of The Terrier, Betty Albon. The ACES Eastern Branch has provided generous funding to help pay for the professionally produced pdf document.

The ACES President, Daniella Barrow, said "that she is delighted that these delightful and keenly read articles are now all together for all to re-read and enjoy".