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Job Vacancy - Aces National Secretary

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Job vacancy - ACES national Secretary

ALL members,

As you will probably know by now, from the ACES Council papers previously circulated, Keith Jewsbury, the current ACES Consultant Secretary, has in writing indicated to the President and Council that, for personal reasons, he will not be seeking to renew his three year contract when it expires in November 2017. Keith has confirmed that he will  carry out the duties until the November 2017 AGM but has advised Council that it is preferable to have his successor in place and shadowing the position well before November to ensure a smooth transfer.

Therefore, ACES is seeking to recruit a new National Secretary and I confirm that the position will be offered for a period of three years, determinable by three months’ notice by either party, but that the notice will expire on the date of the following AGM. The rate payable is £22.00 per hour to a maximum of £10k per annum plus reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses and office expenses expended on ACES business and to include travelling costs, mileage at 40 pence per mile, telephone call costs, ACES membership, overnight accommodation and conference costs (when appropriate). The £10k maximum total hourly payment will be upwardly reviewed subject to any extra work being required and necessary to assist with the Annual Conference preparation and administration.

The post holder will be required to submit monthly time sheets for the work undertaken and expense claims.

I attach an Application Form and  a Summary of the Duties of the Secretary and request that if you are interested in the position that you complete the application form for the post and return it by Friday 31st March 2017 in order that the applications can be considered at the ACES national Council in April.

Please forward your completed application in confidence to

Thank you

Daniella Barrow

ACES President